Upcoming exhibitions


Exhibition Location Dates
Agrotech Chandigarh 19th to 22nd November
P-MEC Mumbai 21st to 23rd November
Plastshow Ahmedabad 26th to 29th November


Exhibition Location Dates
Khadhya Khurak Ahmedabad 3rd to 6th January
Plastivision India Mumbai 19th to 23rd January
India Rubber Expo Chennai 19th to 21st January
India International Dairy Expo Mumbai 16th to 18th February
DairyTech Pune 2017 Pune 24th to 26th February
Pharma Expo Nepal 3rd to 5th March
Packplus Bangalore 7th to 10th April
India Steel 2017 Mumbai 20th to 22nd April
Packplus Delhi 3rd to 6th August
Dairy Tech India 2017 Bangalore 28th to 30th August
Foodpro 2017 Chennai 7th to 9th September
Packplus Mumbai 18th to 21st December


Exhibition Location Dates
Plast India Gandhinagar 7th to 12th February