Upcoming exhibitions


Sr. No. Exhibition Location Dates
1 Asia Rubber Expo Chennai 8th to 10th January
2 Plastivision Mumbai 16th to 20th January
3 ELECRAMA Noida 18th to 22nd January
4 Nepal Wood Nepal 31st January to 2nd February
5 Foodmech Asia Surat 7th to 10th February
6 Indo Agri Food & Feed Jaipur 23rd to 25th February
7 CMPL Expo 2020 Mumbai 27th to 28th February
8 India Wood Bengaluru 27th February to 2nd March
9 PharmaTech Expo Mumbai 4th to 6th March
10 Packplus Hyderabad 13th to 16th March
11 PharmaTech Expo Chandigarh 17th to 18th April
12 Amptech Pharma Haridwar 19th to 20th June
13 Compack Chennai 26th to 28nd June
14 PackPlus Delhi 6th to 9th August
15 PharmaTech Expo Ahmedabad 7th to 9th August
16 Ice Cream Expo Noida 18th to 19th August
17 19th International Food Tech Kolkata 1st to 4th October
18 Propak India Delhi 8th to 10th October
19 Dairy Industry Expo Pune 16th to 18th October
20 Acetech Mumbai Mumbai 22nd to 25th October
21 Wire and Cable Mumbai 23rd to 25th November
22 PMEC Delhi 25th to 27th November
23 Agrotech Chandigarh 5th to 8th December
24 Pac Process Mumbai 9th to 11th December
25 Khadhya Khurak Ahmedabad 17th to 20th December